This section includes articles and interviews from various publications.  Articles are reproduced faithfully, with only obvious typos changed.  I've tried to point out any bits that are misinforming or questionable.

Articles that focus on Patto as well as those that span over phases of their career from Timebox to Patto to Boxer etc. are included here.    

1972 Australian Interview

Sounds 1-23-71  "Patto And progress", Ray Telford speaks with Mike about progress so far, keeping the band a quartet, "Centipede", The Who, and failed progress with previous bands.
Melody Maker 1-23-71  "Bitter Patto: two years ahead", Like the title suggests, John and Mike talk of bitterness towards the music business.
Time Out 12-3-71 "Who Needs A Circus When You've Got Patto?", A humorous article/interview by  Ian Pollack with Mike and Ollie about "Hold Your Fire", Mike's early career, Halsey's "big sounds", Centipede, and the Timebox days.
Melody Maker 12-11-71 "Patto: music to loon by", Roy Hollingworth's interview with Mike about John Halsey nearly quitting the group, playing piano on stage, dishing out raw music, possibility of a US tour, and puddings.
Disc 12-25-71  "Patto's Royal Command performances", David Hughes interviews Mike about the "Hold Your Fire" LP, disassociation the band from Timebox, and playing for Royalty.
Sounds 12-25-71  "Mad warning from Patto",  Ray Telford's interview with Mike about the problem with guest musicians, the first album, the new album ("Hold Your Fire"), "Centipede", and copyists.
NME 1-8-72  "Patto. Their Motto Is: Never Do The Obvious", Roy Carr talks to Mike about looning, audiences, not doing the obvious, and listening to other music.  Ace!
Beat Instrumental, February 1972  "Patto.  A Smack of Anarchy", Quotes from Mike, Ollie, and Clive about changing from their pop past in Timebox, their (very) early musical backgrounds, playing live, and gaining recognition.  Also information about their stage gear.
Disc 5-13-72  "Meet Patto", Peter Erskine speaks with Mike about "You, You Point Your Finger", the upcoming album, touring Europe with Ten Years After, and "Centipede".
Circus, June 1972  "Patto Smothers Its Past", Rare American press coverage by Janis Schacht.  Includes some interesting anecdotes not likely to be read elsewhere, but quotes are taken from earlier UK articles.
Sounds  8-12-72  "Patto comes to life...", Ray Telford talks with Mike about the band's humor, doing a Grateful Dead type of gig, and efficiency in the recording studio.
Melody Maker 11-4-72  "Patto break out", Mark Plummer talks to Mike about the Joe Cocker tour, breaking out of the clique, and looning.  
Sounds 11-11-72  "True Patto", Ray Telford covers the "Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em..." and gets a few quotes from Mike about the new album and the Joe Cocker tour.
NME 11-25-72  "Patto: last of the raving bands", Mike discusses Chicago Line Blues Band, humor in their shows, Halsey's drumming on the "Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em" album, songs from the album, and the Joe Cocker tour.
Disc 12-9-72  "Patto - Lust For Glory", Peter Erskine interviews Mike about the Joe Cocker tour, the "Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em" album, new manager Nigel Thomas, challenges of touring in America, and adding other musicians to the band.

Melody Maker 5-5-73  "Why Patto had to split", Melody Maker talks with Mike about the breakup of Patto.

Trouser Press 1975 "Patto - A British Tragedy", Ben Richardson's perspective on the the first three Patto albums.

Record Collector 8-90 "Patto and Timebox", Nick Saloman's (aka Bevis Frond) excellent historical overview of Patto, Timebox, and Boxer.

Ptolemaic Terrascope Autumn 92 "John Halsey and Patto", Another great one from Nick Saloman.   This is by far the best interview available.  Lots of great information and pictures!
A Patto Story From Helen Newman 2006


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